Thursday, January 27, 2005

"This is crazy! This is crazy! This is crazy!"

[Clark Griswald, National Lampoon's Vacation]

I want to thank everyone who's been praying that my "yes" would be "yes" today. I wrote a few days ago that I needed to have the confidence and courage to do what was asked of me, to let the Spirit move to call and to empower. I guess that's what's going on. A morning meeting over coffee turned into a two and a half conversation about ministry, vision and what's next for me. Of course I said yes - and it's probably going to take the next couple of months to really find out what that's going to entail.

It's really neat to connect again with people who want you to succeed, and who somehow convey that you're a part of their continued success and plans. It's cool to be called out, challenged, told "you can say no", and know that there's no way you're saying no to the opportunity.

I know: vague. I'll fill in more holes as I find out more. For now, thanks for praying. It's a fun ride, ain't it?


Blogger Krista said...

Very cool.
I look forward to hearing more.
And I'll keep on throwing your name out there when I'm talking to Him.

28/1/05 4:53 PM  

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