Sunday, January 23, 2005

Eagles Bandwagon

There are four teams left in the NFL Playoffs, and I need to pick a winner: the Philadelphia Eagles. They have been just. this. close. for the past few years, and I'm tired of seeing the Patriots up there. I'm also thinking that a Michael Vick-led Falcons team will choke against whomever they would play in the Super Bowl. Wouldn't it be fun to watch the Steelers play the Eagles in Jacksonville, giving all those Pennsylvania folks a really good excuse to escape the snow?

So I'm here, pulling for Donovan McNabb and the Eagles (much easier to do right now without T.O. in the lineup, trust me). Go Eagles - if nothing else, the statistics are with you.


Blogger JP said...

I like that pick Rick, good man. Go EAGLES!!!

17-10 Eagles

21-13 Steelers

My predictions......always wrong, fun none the less.

23/1/05 8:53 AM  

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