Friday, January 14, 2005


I admit: I was looking forward to this movie even without the product given out to bloggers. When I found out that there was a possibility of pre-screening the film for free because I had a site, I was really psyched (movie phrase). But since there were no pre-screenings in the Columbia, SC market, I was content to receive a cap and tshirt - sweet. We made plans to meet friends, and drove to see In Good Company after the evening's 8-to-10-yr-old basketball game. I wasn't disappointed - very nice film for a winter's evening out.

I like Dennis Quaid, and most of the family roles he's taken lately have been good fathers (The Rookie, Frequency). And I think Topher Grace has a certain sarcastic confident thing about him that's cool to watch, too (very similar to Zach Braff in Garden State, another one I've liked recently). To that mix is added Scarlett Johansson, who will be the It Girl with a quiet confidence like Grace Kelly maybe mixed with some of the timing of Katherine Hepburn. Am I pouring it on a little thick?

All that to say, I liked this movie. Lots of good meaningful dialogue, a plot that allowed for alot of character development and interplay, and a story that just drew me in with its camera shots and timing. Some people might think it was slow, and it was - but it was to an effect that worked for me. Dan Foreman (Quaid) is a father who's going through kids in college and a new baby and layoffs, all at the same time. Carter Duryea (Grace) is the 26-yr-old "boss" who's been brought in by the corporate takeover to do some new things. In the end, they probably both needed each other - but it's Duryea who grows up, or at least begins to enjoy growing up in a system he'd been "groomed" to work. The biggest lesson anyone can learn is probably to find what's worthwhile rather than just what fills the bottom line.

We went to the movie tonight "in good company", connecting with Dave and Sarah (but it was sold out so Bruce & Debbie couldn't make it with us). I'd recommend seeing this movie with someone - definite conversation starter, and that's pretty much the point. Might be pretty crowded this opening weekend, and I hope it does well at the box office. This theater wasn't prepared for a sold-out crowd, and that's gotta mean good things down the road.


Blogger Joshua.Michael said...

I took your recomendation and went to this movie this weekeend. I agree with your review. Good stuff.

24/1/05 12:20 PM  

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