Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Training Parents

Every weekday morning. Since August. You've been driving your child to school. Every day. Probably taking the same route. Probably seeing the same cars going the other direction. You pull into the school lot. Every morning. The same way. The same direction. Your child needs to get out of the car. Passenger side. Out of the traffic. Against the sidewalk. Passenger side. Every day. Same thing. Since August. The goal is survival of the kids. A smooth flow of traffic. A quick exit for the rest of your commute. Nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets ticked off.

So why this morning did you let your child out on the driver side, into traffic? Why did you pull ahead just far enough to not be out of the way, and then leave your car there? in traffic? to walk your more than capable child to the door? Why does this happen? Every morning? Same thing? Since August?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a good point. We are more trained than the kids.
Good blog

27/1/05 8:26 PM  

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