Friday, November 12, 2004

Cultural Cartwheel Cops

  • - Student suspended for handstands, cartwheels - Nov 11, 2004: "'Contact sports, apparently, are fine. But this one is so dangerous it requires the cartwheel cops,' Faegre said."

    I'm in a weird frame of mind where this kind of story is funny. We take some things so seriously in this culture, and other things we don't take near serious enough. We're tolerant, as long as you agree with us. We're generous, as long as you do what we say with the financial assistance being offered. We forgive, as long as we feel you've gotten you've suffered enough. We get mad at last year's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, and no one raised near the stink over all the "male enhancement" commercials running through the whole game. I think we miss the forest *and* the trees sometimes. Too often, we just don't get it... and we end up "stifling the cartwheels" of creativity, generosity and diversity. But that's just me.


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