Friday, November 05, 2004

The Great Divide

We don't like each other. I think that's one of the biggest problems with America today - we just don't like each other. Inside our churches, we love each other, but don't really like the people we're to whom we're connected. For whatever reason, we're duplicitous: thinking we can show Christian love while really not enjoying the people in our lives. I might pray for you, or I might take a bullet for you in a desperate moment of danger - but I probably won't invite you over to dinner because that's just a little too much, and it's not really called for is it? I mean, to be "Christian-enough" I just need to smile and shake your hand from time to time, right?

The measure of love that a Christian is supposed to live up to is that we like each other, enjoy being together, in the midst of being a loving and gracious community of disciples together. "They will know you by your love for one another" is the standard we need to be striving for. Perhaps the reason the world does not want what we as Christians are pushing is that they do not see this "love for one another" that should be defining us.

Do you like me? Do you really like me?


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