Thursday, November 04, 2004

Busy, Long & Sickly Week

We've only got a couple of days left in what is usually the longest week of the semester: Play Week. My wife the Drama Teacher has her production tonight and tomorrow night, and we've had rehearsal every other night this week along with the addition of election day and this nasty head/chest cold. Just makes the week longer than normal, but not necessarily more stressful. The kids have been super - they're learning that Mommy's got her things to do and that we are in a position to help her have a great time, rather than adding to the stress levels by acting out or being whiney (actually, I'm the whiney one, but that's another story).

Hopefully we'll relax this weekend, watch a movie, watch some football, sleep a few naps and take a few siestas. Aaaahhhh, feels good already.

P.S. - Does anyone else using I.E. have a problem loading this page? The sidebar is skewing, but not with Firefox - not sure where the problem is. Grrr..

P.P.S. - Nevermind - fixed it.


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