Monday, November 01, 2004

Why I Am Not Persuaded

  • good article on "The Other Side" from Doug Pagitt
  • "Seven Considerations" - John Hay, Jr.
  • "For Whom Would Jesus Vote?" - Christianity Today editorial

    I'd like to thank anyone/everyone who's been commenting to the last post today. Honestly, I see your respective points - and I honestly think most of you see mine, even if you agree that it's too idealistic or pollyanna-ish on my part. But someone's gotta start somewhere to hold up a higher standard. No, Jesus isn't the only person who'd fit "my criteria" - but what if He were? Would it be that bad to hold out for a more suitable "king"? We have settled for what's out there way too long. In many ways, we sell out for party and religion.

    For those of you arguing that Bush is more pro-life and should therefore be my choice, "even if it saves one life" - I'd encourage you to read this post from SojoMail. It's not the only piece of information and criticism that I've found that has said abortion rates have gone up under this republican administration. Again, this is just one of the things that has turned me off of the incumbent. I've got a problem using it as an issue and then not really following through on the promises made, implied or inferred.

    My prediction: Bush and it's not close, or Kerry and it's very close. I think we'll know sooner rather than later, but neither one is impressing me as someone who can bring some unity back to this nation's people.


    Blogger Russell said...


    Your buddy (and fellow moderator) on blogs4god has another nice note on why Bush is a better choice when it comes to abortion.

    But to be clear, I'm happy you are lead by prayer and accept God's will. That's all we can really ask for right?

    2/11/04 8:48 AM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    everyone's got a well-thought, often well-prayed, opinion. thanks for throwing in your thoughts. i just can't go on one issue, especially when the current activities and policies seem to be working against the pro-life stance being proclaimed. that's all.

    gotta run - long lines @ the polls are hopefully gone by now.

    2/11/04 9:05 AM  

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