Thursday, October 28, 2004

Lunar Looney

Just a short post to jot down what happened last night during the lunar eclipse. Cammibeth's class is doing a series on the moon, and the timing could not have been better. She took a nap after school so she could stay up a little longer and watch the eclipse, not forecast to start until 9:14pET. The kids took baths, and I went in the front yard to setup the telescope and a couple of stadium chairs. It was a nice evening, as soon as the clouds parted, for looking at the sky and playing with the 'scope - something we'll definitely have to do more often. I tried taking some stills through the eyepiece with the digital camera, but they were blurry - note to self: need tripod. But one cool piece of technology was the video we were able to shoot - much clearer, still a little shaky, with the noises of our kids and the neighbors (coming over for the p.m. festivities). I'll try to upload it later, get it tagged here so folks can stream/download the :32 trailer. We did not get to see the whole thing - clouds rolled back in before the total eclipse reached peak, but it was cool to see up to that point. And like I said, we can do this again sometime as the winter months approach and the stars come out at night.


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