Saturday, October 23, 2004

Saturdays & Morning Coffee

It's rare that we get a weekend relatively free of to-do-lists and travel - especially in the fall, when every weekend centers around Gamecock Football in some way, shape or tailgating form. We had considered going to the beach, but the only "get away" we need is to rest and get over various colds and sniffles and tummy aches. If I felt better, I'd be outside working in the yard: lots of pinestraw hiding the backyard, and a fair share in the fron yard that needs to be raked/blown into piles, too. But I woke up this morning with a continuation of the stuffy-sinus-runny-nose-scratchy-throat thing from earlier in the week, so I'm going to enjoy the peacefulness for now and just rest.

I just made a pot of coffee, Starbucks' Breakfast Blend, I think. In the past year, I've developed a taste for coffee that no longer needs sweetner, that likes the nutty and fruity flavor of some of the more exotic blends, and that just needs a little creamer, like the Toasted Almond or Vanilla Caramel found in your grocer's dairy section. The coffee makes the kitchen and all of downstairs smell really good. And the hot stuff usually feels really good on my itchy scratchy throat. We'll probably need to stop by Starbucks to get some new beans to grind - it's almost time for Christmas Blend, isn't it?

On a weather day like this, I wish I could play better golf - it's a great day for that - or felt well enough to join the family at Maize Quest. As it is, I don't mind being able to relax, rest, watch football, and be a complete vegetable for the afternoon. And I think I'll have another cup of coffee, thanks.


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