Saturday, October 16, 2004

Weekend In The Mountains

We left around 10am this morning for a swing through the mountains of North Carolina. Vicki's family is in Asheville, NC - the drive was nice and relatively quick in spite of the heavier than anticipated traffic. I think we missed the "peak" of the fall colors; everything was a little darker instead of the brighter colors we were looking for in the trees. But the chilly breezy weather, in my humble-and-always-wamr opinion, has been great all day. We spent a few hours with V's grandmother and dad and then hit the road - east on I-40 to Hickory to see my aunt and uncle's new house, spend the night, play some putt-putt and listen to the USC @ UK football game.

It's really just nice to get away, to travel and see family, to drive and not be in a hurry, to enjoy the scenery and being together. One of the things I tell people the I like about living in Columbia, SC is that we're a couple of hours from the beach, a couple of hours from the mountains, a couple of hours from Charlotte, three hours from Atlanta. Basically, if you like to drive and like to chitchat with friends and family, you can go anywhere with anyone in just a little bit of time.


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