Tuesday, October 12, 2004

NW2BH Ch3 - God, People and Place

Charlie wraps up Ch2 of New Way To Be Human with his headings for the Story: Creation, Fall, Redemption, New Creation - and then starts in Ch3 to tell the Story with those "chapters" in mind. In specific, he dives into Genesis 1-2, a "story" we are probably all "experts" on: the Creation Story. [On topic, check out Mars Hill Church, where Pastor Mark Driscoll is starting a series on Genesis (drill through current stuff, download the sermon MP3 for 10-03-2004 and hear his same-but-different take on the same passages).]

One of the things folks have thought of me is that I've lost a proper honor and respect for scripture, for inerrancy and infallibility. On the contrary, I feel like I've got a greater appreciation for the Bible today than I've ever had, and part of it is the same artistry and poetry that Charlie seems to employ in describing Genesis 1-2. It just comes through his word choice: he loves this story. God is so much bigger than we give credit, so much wiser, so much more loving and provisional and caring and purposeful and intentional about His creation and our place in it. It's a "good story", starting here the way it was supposed to be throughout all time. What are some thoughts or word-pictures that stick out to you about God's enjoyment in creation?

There is also an emphasis on "covenant" - what has covenant meant to you in the past, and has the concept changed in your understanding over time? For me, the metaphor of marriage works to define covenant: loving intentionally, for better of for worse, keeping up my end unconditionally the best I can. That's what I think God called Adam & Eve to, and what He's calling out for us today.

Just some thoughts - any other insights, questions, ponderables out there?


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