Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ree, Lay, Shun, Ship

I'm going to be posting some questions & thoughts from chapter two of New Way To Be Human later today with the reading group. One of the things Charlie begins to build on is that the story is based more on community than anything else. We tend to think of the Gospel as my sin, Jesus dying for me, making me right with the Father, my personal salvation - and there is definitely the personal responsibility aspect of a growing & transformational & sanctifying relationship. But the Bible tends to be about people together - a community falling from grace, a people being chosen to bring redemption to the world, a group of apostles being sent out. The story Jesus stepped into would've been about community, a word that's beginning to be used mostly on church signs that don't want to appear to be denominational anymore - but it's also the way we were made, relating together to the Father as He pursues us, calls us back to Himself.

Just some thoughts. I'll post to the discussion list later, crosspost here most likely.


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