Saturday, October 02, 2004

NW2BH - Prologue

I've posted some opening thoughts on the Prologue of New Way To Be Human by Charlie Peacock, the work we're using for our first online book discussion.

  • "The new way to be human is about the reality of God and His ways. It's about stepping into the Story of God-people-and-place with intentionality. It is the final and best opportunity to become an active participant in the community of God's people" (p. xiii) - For me, to quote Carman from the 80s, "I want som-o-dat". Do you think it's important as a Christian to grow in a way that's always gaining more relational knowledge of God and God's people? Not that I'm endorsing "always looking for the new thing", but balancing that with an honest understanding that we will never ever know all there is to know about God.

  • On pp. xiii-xiv, while describing Jesus and the glorious place He should have in our lives, there are two sentences that catch something I want to apply deeply in my life: "Jesus saves us from missing out on the new way. He saves us into the new opportunity to be priestly human representatives in the re-creation of everything God loves." We can think about Jesus being an atoning sacrifice, paying the price so we don't have to go to hell for all eternity - but again, I think we've lost sight of the idea that we're save TO kingdom-living.

    I'm really looking forward to the discussion.


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