Wednesday, September 29, 2004

How To Be A Coffee Snob (Emphasis On Snob)

This article @ was written with me in mind. Gotta have coffee - it does a body good - and it's got to be done right. Grind your own beans, brew your own pot, and cream/sweeten to taste. I'm not addicted to coffee or caffeine - I can prove it if you've got a couple of hours and you're springing for the latte's. But I do enjoy coffee - the smell, the taste, and the experimentation.

Coffee. Don't blog without it.


Blogger Donna said...

I don't. And I'm not addicted. I can quit anytime I want.

1/10/04 6:03 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

actually, i like to think that someone's addicted to coffee when they'll drink any old stuff becasue they've got to have those two cups for the day to be right. on the other hand, i'll hold out for the good stuff - ground some fresh this morning, as a matter of fact.

1/10/04 6:17 AM  

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