Saturday, October 30, 2004

All Hallow's Eve Eve

We took the kids to the zoo tonight - Boo At The Zoo - with a few thousand of our closest friends. I so love when Columbia turns the humidity back on in the autumn months to reminds us of the summer again right before winter comes - 73F with 77% humidity. Lovely evening, feels like stepping out into a warm bath. But it was nice, with the zoo lit up and decorated for the occasion. The kids liked the Trick or Treat stations, and there were a few other activities and things to see or do. My favorite photo of the evening? Sea lions sleeping on the rocks. Or is it? This is halloween - my bet is that it's really the ELEPHANTS DRESSED UP as sea lions. Just a hunch on my part.


Blogger Kiwijasmyn said...

very fun! i hope you all had fun! take care

30/10/04 11:52 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

we did - and the kids were really good for as hot and as crowded as it was. that and the extra hour of sleep last night were wonderful :)

31/10/04 6:46 AM  

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