Tuesday, November 09, 2004

"Get A Grip"

We had a very nice evening at Mellow Mushroom tonight. Vicki & I attended the first meeting of a new downtown small group, getting involved a little deeper in the inner workings and connectedness of Seacoast Irmo. One couple's from Blythewood, one's from the north side of downtown, we're from Cayce on the southeast side and I forget where the other couple's driving in from. All that to say this is a pretty central location for everyone.

We're going to be using a book study: "Getting A Grip" by Bill Hybels, part of the Willow Creek Interactions study series. I've gone through one or two of those before, and I'm looking forward to reading and studying this together. Who doesn't need reinforcement in gaining a little control over his schedule, finances, spiritual growth, etc?

Thanks to those of you who've written or IM'd your well-wishes for us tonight. We liked the people - very personable and welcoming, and I think the group will stretch each other on lots of fronts. There are differences to be sure, but those things can enhance, rather then detract from, the experience. I shared that I had no real expectations beyond just getting to know people. In that limited aspect, I'm good with what's going on, and any group dynamic that also allows us to grow in Christ should be a good thing, too.


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