Saturday, November 06, 2004

Lazy Saturday

It's hard to get kick-started today to do anything more than the minimum. Not that there's nothing to do, just that it's a better day to *not do* than to *do*. Last night was the finale of the school play, so my wife's first day afteris usually a rest day for us. On top of that, she's catching the cold I've nurtured this past week, so giving her a place to nap and heal and recuperate is a high priority. We'll be busy tomorrow with church and its aftermath, and for now getting through the laundry I've allowed to accumulate and getting kids bathed and bedded down will be top chores before bed.

I've tried reading a bit today, too. I posted to the email discussion list, and I'll put up something on the next chapter tomorrow. I'm also in the middle of three other books that I'd like to finish soon - I'm focusing on one at a time, trying to finish a couple of them to review here. I'm getting into the fiction work right now: The Assignment. It's got a kind of "Da Vinci Code" feel to it, and once I got used to the back and forth time shifts I'm actually enjoying it. The second book I want to review is Out Of The Question, Len Sweet - I got pulled in by the intro one night sitting in Books-A-Million waiting for a friend. There's just something about sitting in a bookstore, sipping a hazelnut latte, looking up occasionally for a familiar face, looking back down at the page that's full of words that are just stretching you further that comfortable... Looking forward to that one, too.

Might also try to watch a movie tonight - if Vicki feels up to it after some soup for supper. There's nothing other than football on TV (and after USC came back to beat Arkansas, I might be football'ed out for today), so we might do some popcorn or some coffee & cookies and settle on the couch for the evening. Like I said, lazy Saturday - made just for doing what needs to be done, putting off what can wait, and relaxing, recuperating and just being together.



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