Thursday, November 11, 2004


I'm feeling kinda blah - so I guess this is a blahg post. I'm tired, need more sleep, need more time with my family and for making new friends & relationships. Everything seems to be happening so fast, and at the same time it's moving so slowly, too. Probably nothing that can't be licked with a good night's sleep, a weekend sleeping in a little. I usually don't stay in this state of blah for very long, so I'm not concerned. Just... Blah.

The holidays are coming, and we've got plans pretty solidified for Thanksgiving week. Then there's Christmas - pulling out my holiday tunes, shopping online early and at the malls late, making & drinking coffee (Starbucks Christmas Blend rocks). I'm not sure what our week will look like after Christmas - I'm taking off from 12/24 thru 01/03 - but I'm sure we'll try to head to the beach or the mountains, see relatives in NC, and just play play play all day. It's a fun time of year - sweater weather, chili & fixin's and a warm fire. That's enough to get me out of the blah right there just about.


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