Friday, January 28, 2005


They are distressed, because they had been confident;
they arrive there, only to be disappointed.
- Job 6:20
Why do I find myself lacking confidence? That's a fairly recent trait, isn't it? I used to be fairly sure of myself - at least, I thought I was. I knew I'd do the right thing, say the right thing, not offend people with confrontation, so I was rarely anxious over that kind of stuff. But now... I just feel overly cautious somehow, not wanting to make a mistake or hurt others in the process of doing what I know to do.

I'm still the same person, just not as sure who that is sometimes. I'm the guy who's always lived, "there are no easy answers because we don't ask easy questions", and I'm proving it, I guess. (That sounded better before typing it out - go figure. Something like that...)


Blogger adam said...

I'm usually pretty confident too...but I think my confidence usually stems from a lack of caring or an avoidance of it's probably not really healthy confidence

28/1/05 12:38 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

yeah - i can understand that, too. mine usually comes from pollyanna optimism, which i also have comparatively little of these days :). oh well - moving forward is at least a positive direction right?

28/1/05 12:48 PM  

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