Friday, December 31, 2004

Favorite Books of 2004

I don't have a top ten list, though I finished a good many books this year. I'll be reading some of the unfinished ones as the new year starts, but for now these are the books that really touched and challenged me - they ate my lunch on many fronts.

  • Uprising, Erwin McManus
  • a Generous Orthodoxy, Brian McLaren
  • Out Of The Question, Into The Mystery, Len Sweet
  • Searching For God Knows What, Donald Miller
  • New Way To Be Human, Charlie Peacock-Ashworth
  • Founding Brothers, Joseph J. Ellis
  • The Assignment, Mark Andrew Olsen

    Books I started that I'll finish next year:
  • Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold
  • Revolutionary Communicator, Erik Lokkesmoe & Jedd Medefind
  • Perpetua, Amy Rachel Peterson
  • The Life of Pi, Yann Martel
  • The Dilbert Principles, Scott Adams


    Blogger Vicki said...

    I'll believe that you have finished a book when I see it.....

    31/12/04 9:53 PM  

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