Friday, November 12, 2004

Weekend Plans

I like the way I think this weekend is "scheduled" out: busy enough, but still with enough rest & relaxation time, too.
  • BBQ Fundraiser tonight, eat @ Mom & Dad's
  • NC Roadtrip in the morning with Trace - didn't need to
  • Birthday Party @ park for Cammi's friend tomorrow
  • Make time to FINISH The Assignment [gettin' really good!]
  • Make time to watch Mystic River some time, too
  • Church Sunday morning
  • Grampa's b'day party Sunday afternoon
  • Football, Football, Football
  • Nap Time - always time for a nap Saturday between games, Sunday before Extreme Home Makeover
  • I'm sure I've forgotten something - that thing goes *here*, with no time to spare


    Blogger Richard said...

    Watched Mystic River some time ago. It was an excellent movie, imho.

    12/11/04 5:47 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    mystic river - about the only thing on the list i didn't get to. but it's cool - we're enjoying ocean's eleven on tbs tonite. love movies with good dialogue that keep moving.

    14/11/04 9:59 PM  

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