Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Forebber and ebber"

I sprung the "surprise" on my sweetie last night - after talking the past few weeks about remodelling the master bath, I actually made plans to DO IT this week. I took off yesterday and today as vacation days, stripped the wallpaper yesterday afternoon, and let her pick out the color to be painted from the Lowe's paint swatches. She was surprised and amused, and we look forward to finishing the project with an accessories trip this weekend.

The only "wrench" has been our little girl's illness. I took Tuesday as a sick day, and we spent most of that day back and forth to the doctors' office. Yesterday was a good, fever-less day - and we thought for sure she'd be going to school this morning. No go, after she woke up with a 103F temperature. So I'm rearranging the day, finding the pediatrician again to see what we're going to do next, and we'll go out later to buy primer and paint for the bathroom walls.

And we're starting the day watching Rugrats Go To Paris - where Chuckie is looking for a new mom to love him "forebber and ebber". Cammi has enjoyed sending email to her mommy, and of course, she just loved being "in" on the surprise yesterday. It's going to be a good day - maybe not as productive as I'd hoped, but we'll have fun either way.

So my plans for today: Cammi comfy and resting, bathroom walls primed (at least, maybe some paint before bedtime), laundry, and kid movie DVD all day. What fun! We'll post "in-progress" photos on the sidebar later. Right now - there's a message to leave at the pediatrician's, and coffee to be enjoyed.


Blogger Renee said...

Poor Cammi! I hope she is back to 100% soon! What a good hubby you are for re-doing the bathroom. We tore down the old wallpaper in one of our bathrooms in January and re-did the room. I LOVE it!!:-)

5/5/05 8:54 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

we're taking it a bit more slowly today - i'll be priming this afternoon, probably painting tomorrow. and little bit better be getting over this thing - after three days, she and i are both completely stir crazy!

5/5/05 11:44 AM  

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