Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More Cowbell?

  • - Ferrell to return to 'SNL' -- as host
    Will Ferrell has been one of my favorites from SNL for a long time, and it'll hopefully be worth staying up for. The cowbell sketch is still one of the best of all-time, and watching him and Cheri O'Teri do the Spartans Cheerleaders would put me in stitches. If I had TiVo, this upcoming episode would be recorded for posterity.

    Cam's staying home with me again today, but I've got further "Super-Daddy" plans, as well. More photos and info later tonight. Right now, shower, "project planning", and something for all this burping.


    Blogger Renee said...

    I love Will! I always laughed so hard when he was on SNL. I loved it when it was him, Chris, Molly and Ana. Great times!lol

    Hope th elittle miss starts feeling better for ya!:-)

    4/5/05 10:12 AM  
    Blogger Renee said...

    Oppps...i loved Cheri too!

    4/5/05 10:13 AM  
    Blogger Flisha said...

    thanks for visiting my blog. you have cute children. :)

    4/5/05 10:13 AM  

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