Saturday, April 30, 2005


When I turned on The Today Show this morning, the top story at 7am was that Jennifer Wilbanks had been found. After disappearing from Duluth, GA the week before her wedding, she phoned her fiance' collect to say that she'd been kidnapped. My son came downstairs and we changed the channel to watch Tom & Jerry - and I've now turned it back to The Today Show to catch the weather forecast. The top story at 8am: she was making it up, leaving town "because she was nervous about her upcoming wedding."

I'm jaded, and I don't believe anything I hear on TV in these abduction/missing person cases. When they reported earlier that she said she'd been abducted, it crossed my mind that that she might be making it up. Earlier this week, it seemed strange that we might be watching another circumstance where the man was the last person to see someone alive so he was suspect numero uno, a sure sign that we'd find bad news in the coming weeks. Right now, I'm just glad she's ok, and that the worst thing that's happened will be that they need counseling, and the wedding might not happen. It looks like charges probably won't be pressed for "cold feet" - and that life might go on.

Marriage is such a big deal, and it should be. I hope she's not totally whacked out after her "adventure", dealing with whatever she's dealt with, doing whatever she's done. If they stay together, I pray they'll find some sense of peace in each other, be there for each other, take care of each other - a mutual friendship and understanding that goes beyond the headlines and the movie-of-the-week plot. If they part because of "all this", I pray for a mutual understanding and peace, too, able to let it go and move on.


Blogger TastyKeish said...

damn, thats just crazy. What if she never came back? Do you think they would have arrested he fiance?

30/4/05 8:39 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Sorry for the non sequitor but I enjoyed your Blog so I posted it on mine hopr you don't mind


30/4/05 10:10 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

no problem - any time :)

and keisha -thanks for stopping by. i'm not sure what they would've done, but one article said he was already being compared to scott peterson. argh.

30/4/05 10:14 AM  
Blogger mh said...

Makes you wonder what might have happened to the fiance had she not turned up...makes you wonder about a lot of things you hear on the news...
Be Blessed,

30/4/05 5:09 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

I really wish she would have told her mom she was going to get away for a few days. I saw her moom on TV and my heart ached for her. She looked devastated!:-(

30/4/05 8:00 PM  
Blogger MaryAnn M said...

there were many thoughts yesterday dealing with this "story".

ONE: ok...she isnt missing, she is ok. she got cold feet. leave the family alone now. we dont need to hear from all the neighbors, relatives and her second grade teacher, etc. just let them be. it isnt a story anymore.

TWO: Why didnt she just leave a nice note saying she needed to get away for a few days, like renee is a big big wedding. over 600 people invited. like 14 bridesmaids...
what about them? all the bridesmaids bought their dresses. the caterer is paid for. the flowers are paid for. this is alot of money at stake. how about all the people that were going to fly in to see the wedding that already bought their tickets (and gifts) and then she gets "abducted" and they cant get a refund...
everyone loses alot of money cuz she runs away.

I do hope they come to a peaceful conclusion. I would probably be a bit pissed at her for making the whole story up and damaging everyone when she could have just been upfront about it.

1/5/05 8:59 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

hi, folks - thanks for responding. yeah, it's all over the place emotionally. i'm just waiting for the dateline expose, the storyline on CSI and L&O, the movie of the week that's sure to come on a couple of networks, and the new sitcom derivation that'll be birthed out of this one.

1/5/05 3:08 PM  

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