Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What If...?

  • - OU's Cochell: Resigning was "right thing to do"
    Let me say first that I have no problem with this: what happened probably needed to happen, what he said didn't need to be said, that it came out probably does show something underlying in him that needs to be dealt with, and the university needed to do this for the good of the program. I do have some problem with the felt "need to report", but they are reporters and that's where the story was going. Here's the question I have: would this have been an issue if the coach in question had been African-american? I don't know if there are any NCAA Divsion 1 minority baseball head coaches or not, but would it have had the same impact and result? I don't think it would - I think it would've been a non-story, not given a second thought. Racism, maybe unlike many other -isms we still face in our culture, has a level of hypcrisy attached that makes it hard to root out.


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