Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Anymore Questions?

It's been a week full of blog questions - some deep and some not so deep - and some answers - some deep some not so deep and some shovelling it deep, I'm sure. Any questions for Thursday and Friday? I've got no real umph for writing anything original right now (except for the rest of this post, I guess), but I do appreciate the writing triggers that have come from the promptings and questions of others.

Sometimes I think I spend too much time thinking deeply about things that either don't need that much extra thought, or that no one else is really thinking about. So this week's exercise has been good, at least feeding what free mental energy I might have with questions that do matter to others (some of them, at least - other questions have just been fun and goofy!). Honestly, I just think people don't think enough - or worse, that we get locked into a pattern of thinking that stunts our growth mentally. Ultimately, we stop growing spiritually because we don't see the value of a good question, the importance to think and re-think and to have those thoughts challenged and re-worked over time.

As Christians, we tend to think we have all the answers. I like to think we should have the best questions.


Blogger Russell said...

Happened across these verses today...

Does this scare the sin out of you too? Don't you think Uzzah's heart was in the right place?

25/5/05 10:57 PM  
Blogger Craig said...


Thanks for asking for questions. I've been meaning to ask you a few (less serious ones):

1. So why did you change from a super-hero to a parking sign?
2. If your blog was a type of coffee, what kind would it be?
3. In light of question 2, what kinds of coffee would you invite to be guest bloggers? What kinds of coffee would you want on your blog roll?
4. What's the deal with "Starbucks" coffee. It seems that you talk a lot about that. Isn't JFG coffee just as good?

26/5/05 5:26 AM  
Blogger Craig said...

...and a couple(more serious ones):

1. Say you've been meeting with a couple guys for about 8 years with the object of accountability and bible study and prayer. You all went to the same church. But then life happens and time goes on and now, after 8 years, you all go to different churches with different focus and vision. You're thinking that you need to move on--you don't always see eye to eye with these guys. It's been 8 years and you need a change. But when you've approached the subject the guys still think this meeting together is great and don't want to stop.

How do you handle this situation? Do you still just keep meeting? If not, how do you stop getting together without hurting their feelings?

2. What do you know about Christian Science and what are the major doctrinal issues with it?

3. Say you have a friend/co-worker who grew up in Christian Science. How do you share the love and power of Jesus with him, now that he's moving to SC for a job change?

These are hypothetical questions, of course. ;-)

Thanks for any ideas!

26/5/05 5:40 AM  

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