Saturday, May 21, 2005

Unity, Epilogue

Well, tomorrow's Sunday and I think I've run through my UNITY ideas pretty fully at this point. The concept of "acceptance is more important than agreement" has weighed heavily on my mind, and I think it's worked its way out as honest and truthful to the scriptures and to the way relationships tend to work. Knowing that God "accepts" me - without me having to be 100% perfect in all of my opinions and beliefs - brings a sense of freedom. And on top of that, knowing that redemption and reconciliation are huge pieces of the puzzle, too, means that while I'm accepted I'm also being encouraged and transformed as He sees fit. A heart that's following hard after God, not a mind that's got the "right" doctrinal bent, is what fuels faith and pleases the Father.


Blogger BJ said...

I'm with you, bro. God's acceptance of me in spite of me is what is amazing. Thanks for your post.

22/5/05 6:58 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

easy to write, difficult to live out - that's what i'm finding. thanks for stopping by :)

22/5/05 2:40 PM  

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