Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday: "Balance?"

I started by asking for "questions" to help with my writer's block during this busy hectic week. The first post is here, and Monday's answers and new questions are here - please feel free to leave new questions in this post's comments.

I don't know if I'll get as many questions for today or not. But this first one is a doozy - and it's not easy to avoid, is it?

Bob asked: "Do you think there are areas of you life that are 'out of balance'? If so, what are they?"
  • My brother's first response was, "Nothing a little fiber won't fix." Ahem. My first response is, "of course - well duh" - and then to leave it at that. But being vague is a non-answer, and that's not the exercise I wanted from all of these questions. Instead, I want my answer to be honest, forthright, and still leave something hanging out there.
    So let me offset a couple of paragraphs. Yes, there is imbalance in my life. Right now, I'm having a tough time finding a midpoint between encouragement and being down, between wanting to be a leader and wanting to hide. There's a point somewhere between grace and works, Law and Freedom, that I'm probably swimming around as well. But honestly, I think "balance" is over-rated, and I find a certain thrill and freedom in the tension that exists between extremes. Finding a balance would imply, for however short a period of time as necessary, that I had it all together - when we all know that's not true.

    Instead, what about finding a "center of gravity"? How's that for a "better question" maybe? A "center of gravity" would be a place of sufficient mass and weightiness as to not allow the entire structure to stand tall, but that would still allow for a little sway back and forth as necessary to keep things interesting, necessary to both meet challenges and to grow from encouragement.
    I think I like my brother's answer best.


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