Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday's Answers

It's neat to have folks who stop by and read my ramblings and junk. I've asked readers to leave comments with good questions (Monday's first post - feel free to post more questions for Tuesday in the comments here), helping me out of my writer's block during this long end-of-school work week. I'll take each day's questions and post something towards the end of that day. Thanks so much for asking such humdingers.

My brother Jeff asked: "what is the magic ingredient in GoldBond that sooths oh so well after a long day of chafing? Hmmmmm"
  • Soylent Green

    JP asked: "Why do we use the brand name 'Band-Aid' for a bandage?"
  • The same reason that almost all colored-sugar-water concoctions are called "Kool-aid", that all blow-your-nose tissues are called "Kleenex", and that all bland no-talent variety-show-hosts are called "Ryan Seacrest".

    JP asked a "serious" question, too: "I just read Tony Campolo's Speaking My Mind. Read it Rick, good stuff. Question: How do we find a middle ground between relational theology and systematic theology? Is it possible with us mere humans?"
  • I think a key, for me at least, is to not make the split. Things are usually more Both/And rather than Either/Or, and making a case one way or another usually leaves something out. I see the emphasis needing to be relational, and the conversation needs to be relationally grounded in Jesus. After that, we can talk about systematic theology - but we can never leave the foundation of being in fellowship with the Father. I think that's where we get in trouble - the collective "we" being the church all over - when we try to reduce Christianity to a set of beliefs and propositions. We end up leaving ourselves with something outside of the relationship, cutting ourselves off from needing God or needing each other. I wouldn't trust any set of theological standards that don't take into account our nature to be together.

    Russell asked about church names: "We are looking for a name for a church we are planting. Something that reaches to the unchurched. Got any outside the box suggestions? Here is one suggestion to get the ball rolling... Four Winds Community Church from Matthew 24:31"
  • Want to reach people who don't go to church already? What about FREE MONEY COMMUNITY CHURCH? or LOTTERY WINNERS FELLOWSHIP? or ELVIS LIVES HERE? Only half in jest, but way outside the box, huh? Seriously, find some location marker, some geographic point to draw attention, and be the church of that point. That's where I would start (of course, I attend Seacoast/Irmo, about a two hour drive from the beach - what do I know?). I'm not sure "outsiders" would get "Four Winds", but it works prophetically and could open up for various logo ideas, if that's where you're going with things.

    Renee asked a few not-so-deep-but-awfully-fun preguntas: "When is your birthday? Have you lived in S.C your whole life? What is the age difference of your kids? What kind of cars do you own? What is your fav meal? Sorry these question's aren't too deep? Just stuff..."
  • July '68
  • Nope, born in NC; lived in Kansas for a bit until they ran us off when my brother was born; moved back to NC; then moved to the Columbia area in the middle of 2nd grade, and my family moved to the current homestead in the middle of fifth grade
  • Son/9 and Daughter/7 - 25 months and about one foot difference in age/height
  • Honda CRV 4WD, and my sweetie drives a Tank
  • Favorite meal? Not a picky eater (very evident!), but either pizza or chili with a ballgame, or going out for Prime Rib

    Suzanne inquired: "1. where and why of the best cup of coffee you've ever had? 2. how did you meet myles? what was your first impression of him? has it changed? 3. delivery or digiorno?"
  • can't give you the date, but it was a lunchtime (on a pretty rotten day, if I remember - that's that "why") run to Starbucks, and the caramel macchiato was ambrosia - best I've ever had; I've come close since, but that one stands as the Grail
  • I've never met Myles - linked to him through someone else's blog, and have enjoyed his take and his writing since
  • Delivery - we can do DiGiorno, but you've gotta plan ahead for that

    Jason Dollar asked: "Here is a good thought jogger - how do you know the Bible is true? PS. I believe it is, but the question is really, how do you go about saying the Bible is true?"
  • I'm going to fall back on my "relational" answer from above. At some point in time, I probably had to make a decision by grace to trust God, to let the Bible be true to me - as relative as that might sound. Since then, trusting it and letting it speak into my life, it's never let me down. It's jacked me up - it's scared the bejeebers out of me, and it's challenged me and convicted me in all sorts of areas. But it's proven to be "true" as much as Jesus has shown Himself to be faithful and true. My ideas on the Bible being inerrant (what's in there was meant to be in there) and infallible (what's in there says what God means it to say) might be different, but overall, it's truth is based on Christ.


    Blogger Renee said...

    Thanks for answering my not so deep answers!:-)

    23/5/05 6:44 PM  
    Blogger Bob said...

    Do you think there are areas of you life that are "out of balance"? If so, what are they?

    23/5/05 9:36 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    no, renee - thank YOU.

    and bob - wow, gonna save that for the first "answer" tomorrow.

    23/5/05 10:12 PM  

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