Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wednesday A.M. "Ponderances"

Continuing my little contrivance of "questions" (started with Monday's post)...

Margaret asked several questions: Will Dr. Phil ever lose his popularity? Did Oprah really have stomach surgery to lose all that weight or is it just a rumor? And was anyone surprised that the booksmarts beat the streetsmarts on the Apprentice?
  • I predict that Dr. Phil will lose his popularity while serving 10-to-life for taking out Jerry Springer. Then he'll get out and develop a new line of floral print linens at Target. Just a theory.
  • Oprah lost weight the old fashioned way: plastic wrap, Wesson oil and Leave It To Beaver reruns.
  • I wasn't surprised that booksmarts beat streetsmarts. I was more surprised that streetstupid and bookstupid made it as far as they did in the contest.


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