Monday, April 18, 2005

Pointing Fingers

Driving to work. Cutting through town instead of around the beltway. A little more congested, same time, more redlights. Taking the ramp off one main thoroughfare to merge onto another. Car coming up on the left way too fast, blinker to change lanes right into the lane I'm occupying. Hit the brakes so he doesn't swerve into me and my CRV go over the bridge railing. Idiot! How do you think you'll get the blessings of God driving like that?!?

I speed up to merge back left. Have to go over two lanes, looking back to make sure it's clear. Move over one lane. Move over to the far right lane. HONK!!!! Uh-oh, didn't look over my shoulder again. Almost ran a Toyota into the median wall. He's furious, driving past and pointing. Lucky I can't hear him. I'm the Idiot this time. Whew.

How many times do we think we know best, only to find that we're idiots just like everyone else?

Quite a few blogs out here "pointing fingers" at those they deem "wrong". Political and religious finger-pointing do little to find the high road, and it just gets more and more bitter, more and more anal. Time to realize that no one has a real handle on what's going on any better than anyone else, and before we cut each other off on the freeway, we'd better all settle down, listen to each other's strongpoints and weaknesses, and just drive safe - and don't forget your seatbelt.


Blogger janet said...

Well said... from one of the guilty finger-pointers.

18/4/05 5:59 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

we all get along so much better when we own up to our own idiocy, huh? :)

19/4/05 7:51 AM  

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