Sunday, April 17, 2005

Upcoming Week

Got a little time at the end of what's been a gorgeous day to MAKE A LIST for the coming week so I don't forget anything. It's getting busy around here with play rehearsals and church stuff - I do not want to make a long week longer by forgetting something important. I'll be adding and striking out as necessary through the week - and if you follow along, you've got way too much free time.
  • small group - huddle, email, plans (at least started on it)
  • get coffee from Starbucks
  • read ELEANOR RIGBY for review
  • read MONSTER for review
  • small group Tuesday night - Get book: PRAYER
  • family coming to Mom's Tues/Wed
  • yardwork - clean front yard
  • yardwork - clean/mow backyard

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