Saturday, April 16, 2005

Football In April

Big things happening in Gamecock Nation today:
  • Garnet & Black - Spring Game '05 and the first bigtime look at Spurrier's "Pitch & Catch"
  • Introduction of the new AD
  • USC needs a big win against Vandy in baseball

    I'm just hoping the "game" will be fun and we won't look like complete yahoos on national television. I'm also looking forward to see the changes at the stadium; seeing some color and the names of the few highpoints of USC Football around the building will be cool.

    My little girl is feeling puny again. She's at the pediatrician with Mommy, and we're hoping we'll get more of a clue what's going on this time (last time there wasn't a real diagnosis past, "um, probably a sinus infection", for her upset & nauseous tummy).

    UPDATE 9pm: Well, it's strep throat this time, and we're all antibiotic'd up. Hopefully she'll rest tonight and tomorrow and be good for school Monday. Thanks for your prayers - she's wallerin' on the couch, restin' and relaxin'.


    Blogger Renee said...

    GO Gamecocks! I grew up in S.C and my house was full of gamecock fans except my twin brother, we always teased him that he was "special".lol

    16/4/05 11:24 AM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    woo hoo - and the stadium looks great with all that color added, garnet all over da place.

    your twin isn't a fan? not a clemson fan is he?

    16/4/05 1:54 PM  
    Blogger Renee said...

    Yes he was totally orange! didn't mix well with all the maroon and back!lol

    16/4/05 2:04 PM  
    Blogger JP said...

    Praying for good health of your little blessing Rick.

    16/4/05 7:16 PM  
    Blogger JP said...

    Strong kid there, I am 26 and still will pant and cry if I had strep throat.

    16/4/05 11:48 PM  
    Blogger DaNutz said...

    Hate to see that SC has sold its soul to the devil. Too bad. You guys had some tough teams and usually had a great dal of class. So much for that. Oh well, enjoy running reverses when your up 52-7 against Vanderbuilt. I can't believe you could be happy about this situation.

    17/4/05 10:32 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    Hmm - disgruntled UGA fan, perhaps?

    Having been on the "7" side of "52-7" many times over the years as a gamecock fan, it's been interesting. He's been right up there with hating Bobby Knight, Bobby Bowden and Rick Pitino in terms of arrogance and stuff. But when he's "your coach", it's a little different. Especially since he seems to be cleaning house - 2 more players arrested this weekend! - and seems to be bringing some confidence to the mix.

    USC won't score 52-7 games often, trust me. Unless it's Vanderbilt.

    18/4/05 7:51 AM  

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