Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Marketing Jesus

  • CNN.com/Money - Jesus, the talking doll version - Company also plans dolls of Mary and Moses at start, with dolls able to recite Bible verses
    Um. No. Please. No.


    Blogger iggy said...

    i hear the mary mageline is hotty!

    I really find this interesting that the owners are Catholic and Jewish.... and the Jewish owner said it doesn't seem strange to him selling the Jesus doll, though. In a way. I think it is cool.... But how do you handle your kids playing with Mother Mary and Jesus Action heros? will they take on G.I. Joe and Barbie...will it be a religious struggle or will there be a revival of the action toys...

    When will Christian G.I. Joe come out?... with accessories like the 10 pound KJV Bible and the pull string "tounges" version. Not to mention the new prayer hands with microphone grip!


    12/4/05 2:00 PM  
    Blogger JackieLou said...


    I'm ashamed to admit, if I saw these dolls at a store I'd be tempted to buy them.

    Of couse, I have a particular affinity for saint figurines coming from a Catholic background.

    But then, of couse, my husband would be there to tell me I didn't need to waste my money. I really need to get away from all this marketing crap!!

    12/4/05 11:02 PM  
    Blogger Rambling Rose Cottage said...

    How very sad that they market Jesus like this. No doubt people will buy them. :(

    13/4/05 8:06 AM  
    Blogger janet said...

    I didn't read the link... but why not? It could be a great teaching tool with kids. My kids have ALWAYS ended up playing church or Bible stories. My four year old's current understanding of the greatness of God is that He's a superhero with the biggest powers. Besides, Jesus is marketed all over the place: radio, books, videos, bumper stickers, etc., and no one bats an eye at that. It's all in how you view it.

    13/4/05 12:44 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    lol - yeah, i can follow along with that. and i know what to get *your mike* now for christmas, something to go with his pimped out PC!

    no problem if this is the new "flannel board" - anything remotely like "marketing" turns my stomach, but i'm with you on that perspective of it all.

    can i pick the verses the dolls recite? "father forgive them" and "are you going to leave, too?" would be my first choices.

    13/4/05 12:55 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'd buy them for my kid, but he'd make them fight with the "Red" power-ranger. Jesus would win. I have 2 daughters and there are naked barbies laying all over the play-room...I wonder what he'd say?

    Like your blog!

    14/4/05 4:07 PM  

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