Thursday, April 07, 2005

Coaching Search

It's been rumored all week that Dave Odom is in line for the head coaching position at UVa, and I really don't care much either way - the Gamecocks will be better next year regardless. But the whole thing is funny, especially in this article from CBS Sportsline:
.... While the Cavaliers have an actual athletic director, their search is being dictated in part by president John Casteen, who helped muck up ACC expansion beyond recognition. Casteen, a former English professor who brings a wide knowledge of Macbeth to the search, is pushing Littlepage to hire DePaul coach Dave Leitao.
That cracks me up - my drama-teacher-english-grad wife, not so much.


Blogger Dave said...

CBS: Can't. Beat. Sarcasm.

Though seriously, if Littlepage found himself accosted on the blasted heath by the Three Wyrd Sisters, Casteen's his guy.

(Side-question: Is the missus superstitious about saying the name of "The Scottish Play" in the theater? Just curious. I wasn't, until opening night of a show my sophomore year, when the Set Designer blithely uttered the accursed word backstage, and at the end of the first act, a "non-flammable" cap gun caught half of the muslin backdrop on fire, requiring a complete theater evac. a word to the wise, I think.)

7/4/05 4:35 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

she's not risky enough to do *that scottish play* with high-schoolers. midsummer night's dream is tense enough for her as it is.

9/4/05 8:48 PM  

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