Sunday, April 03, 2005

More Intentional

It's been a really windy couple of days - gorgeous, but chilly yesterday and still overly gale-like this afternoon. It's been a good day, and I hope the kids will look back and see that it's been a decent "spring break week" for them as they go back to work tomorrow. From having small group leaders over here Friday night, to the Q & A this morning and our first dip into Colossians, through the coverage of the passing of Pope John Paul II and opening night of Baseball 2005 and the Final Four - it's been a long, full weekend.

Pastor Jeff asked me Thursday night, "Where do you see all this going? What do you see for your time here? What do you think this is driving you toward right now? 'Cause it looks like something more than what is happening here" - something like that. I don't know, but I think that kind of question/processing has been ricocheting around in my subconscious ever since, and might be why I'm kind've pensive and contemplative heading into Monday. Tomorrow morning we'll all get up, all get ready for school and work, all go our separate ways and all come back together tomorrow evening - that's our weekly life. I don't do much what-do-you-see-yourself-doing-in-five-years thinking, but I do want to take the day-to-day and make sure there's a goal, some future vision out there for which we're working and preparing now.

What do I see in the future then? Towards what are we working? Writing - lots of writing, maybe a book or at least some publishable stuff that can begin to bring some income into the household. Teaching - really appreciate the new opportunities for leading small groups, leading small group leaders, starting meaningful and deep conversations about things that matter. Shepherding - I'm not sure, because on this front there's no real confidence. But I'm open to anything the Lord might open, and I could envision and begin to work towards leading a new plant/group/gathering sometime in the not-too-distant future if that's what the Lord has in mind - might check for ID on that, but I'm open.


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