Friday, April 01, 2005

Sharing Plans

Well, for some of you this might come as a shock - but for most of you who've been following this blog, its ups and downs and way-too-deep moments, you'll know right where I'm tracking. This evening, my family and I are flying to San Francisco for a good weekend trip and a Sunday morning introduction as the new pastor of Seven Hills Community Church, a non-denom/emergent church in San Mateo. I've been in email and phone conversations with people I met while on a business trip a few years back, and we've just hit it off splendidly. Waiting until now to "break the news" on my blog has meant being able to be real and honest with this body of believers, and not having to hurt anyone's feelings or step on anyone's toes here in virtual space or here in the real world. We'll fly back next week and tell our new friends here, and then begin the long arduous task of moving from a 3-story house into what'll probably be a 3-bdrm inner city apartment. But it's cool, branching out like this, taking the bull by the horns, no turning back.

Just don't tell my folks - we need to break it to them gently that we're moving across the country and down a few timezones. Frequent flyer miles will be building for our extended family, methinks. Keep us in prayer as we embark on this new journey. Pray especially for Delta Airlines - this is the first time either of our kids has been on a flight, much less cross country, and it's just the beginning for them, I'm sure.

I'll share more as the weekend progresses. Peace!


Blogger julieunplugged said...

Oh I am so jealous!!! You are moving to paradise just after the fall. California is my home state and I miss it so much it hurts. San Mateo is gorgeous (and expensive - they better pay their pastors well).

Blow a kiss to the ocean for me.

Otoh, living so far from family is really hard and emotional, as I can daily attest. Buy a digital camera and be sure to post photos often for family back home.

Bon courage!


1/4/05 12:41 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks, julie -

"San Mateo is gorgeous (and expensive - they better pay their pastors well)."

well, yeah kinda - i'll be doing some bi-voc stuff, some IT consulting on the side. big thing right now is to get vicki into the schools out there, or do we homeschool - right up your alley, right?

it'll be an adventure, that's fer shure!

1/4/05 12:52 PM  

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