Thursday, March 31, 2005

Quiet, Please?

Normally, I can at least get my mind to shut off (I'm a guy - it's not that hard for us) and enjoy a little "peace & quiet" in the midst of all that's going on. But I'm having a tough time doing that this morning, shutting off the world. On top of that, my left eye just fuzzed out - not sure what's causing this, but it makes everything kinda surreal and 3D-ish. Not good walking across a third-floor catwalk through the atrium - looked like I was going to meet Professor Xavier in the big sphere thingy from Xmen.

I'm going to meet with Pastor Jeff this evening over coffee. I really enjoy these conversations, and I hope I'm being fruitful for him, too. It's difficult enough to think some of the things I think, but finding someone flesh and blood to talk about these things, without feeling like an idiot or that I'm wasting their time or my time, is a huge blessing to me right now. Things can flow in email or on this blogsite, but sitting in a real place with real seats and real tables and real customers and real coffee - that's totally different. We were made for community and relationship, and I'm learning that in fresh new ways, too, I guess. Just a new way of tracking alongside someone else.

One of the things I threw out for us to talk about tonight: "I've got a question for you, or maybe it's a statement in the form of a question a la Jeopardy and Alex Trebek - Jesus appeared suddenly to the disciples and rebuked them for refusing to believe (Mark 16:14), but then He waited a week to show up to Thomas and "prove" Himself (John 20:24ff) - what's up with that?" God is so much better at handling doubt than we are. We tell each other that you don't have faith - instead, Jesus let Thomas sit in his doubt for awhile, let him get real with it, let him see the others and their lives. A week later, Thomas is falling over himself to worship, not just to see the "proof" but to also see and to be with Jesus again, his Friend and Mentor. Waiting for the Savior must've had some purpose, some impact on Thomas' life.

Amazing how clear I can see again after finding my LEFT LENS THAT FELL OUT AT THE DRINK MACHINE.


Blogger MaryAnn M said...

glad you can see clearly now...LOL

31/3/05 5:48 PM  

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