Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tax Time

If we could do our taxes on the Gamecube or the PC, my son would be so enthralled - and "rendering unto Caesar" would have a cheat code listed somewhere, I'm sure.


Blogger iggy said...

I used to play DOOM by the hours.... with cheat codes of course. Imagine combining Turbotax and Doom?

~ long drawnout explianation of how the levels would work and what weapons would be used on the various demons and spawn of hell, as you enter your local H&R Block and move through the court systems defending yourself from an IRS audit -self censored- ~

You could end it with either getting your Tax return money... or die and having to pay. Of course the cheat codes would allow you to be rich and have tax shelters.


13/4/05 7:14 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

keep telling my son that i used to have to play video games without cheat codes - he looked puzzled, just like me and taxes.

13/4/05 9:05 PM  

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