Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sabbath, Cupholders, Empty Seats

UPDATE: Well, it was a nice quiet time in the theater this morning. No one showed up - and it was okay, I think. I left the theater to look around outside, see if folks were wandering in the lobby or something, but each time I went out there everyone was busy with setup work. Such is the life of a church that meets in a facility with 12:30pm movies to kick off - setup and takedown are intense, and it's a tribute that the people there were doing the work necessary to "do church".

So I enjoyed a quiet theater, a refill of coffee, and some time to start a new book. I could tell that Pastor Jeff was disappointed - but it just means that things need to be rethought, replanned, repromoted to pick up fresh next week with the "first"/second Q & A session. I'm not very confident - but on that note, I'm not falling on my face either. Instead, I'm finding the confidence of others to be very positive, very energizing. So we'll try again - maybe I'll be ready next week.


Blogger Dave said...

Rick, I have just gotten into your blog as of today, linking from your review of the new McLaren book. I think you changed format, pretty dramatically, right? Anyway, so what's this Q&A thing about? Is it a "pre-church" gathering, or is it the church itself? I'm kind of curious. Sounds like kind of a bummer, no one showing up and all. A bit of "back to the drawing board" may be in order?

6/3/05 7:17 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

Hi, Dave -

Thanks for writing/commenting. It's a pre-church thing - NOT Sunday School :) - that was supposed to kick off today. The church we're a part of is more seeker/topical, and there's a need for some time to go deeper with the word, with questions and such. It can also be a big small group, helping people get involved in small groups later on.

Yeah, bummer that it didn't run this morning, but those notes will keep.

6/3/05 7:47 PM  

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