Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sabbath With Cupholders

Well, Sunday morning again. If I had any qualms about working within a new church, a new church structure, new church relationships and vision - this would be the say to call it off. My wife told me she'd let me sleep 'til noon - she'd wake me up after she and the kids came back from visiting a completely different church because we'd be so off the board from Seacoast.

But this is it, and I'm looking forward to it. Well, I'm looking forward to the coffee I'm brewing right now, to getting dressed and walking out the door (in that order), to driving and listening to U2 tell me about Vertigo and how to dismantle a bomb. And then I'm looking forward to getting to the theater, to setting up a stool and a music stand, to setting out my notes, to talking a bit about the Context of Luke 15 to the four people who couldn't sleep this morning and decide to join in on the fun. I look forward to being intentional about this, to doing my best and making mistakes and taking risks and all that a step like this is bound to entail.

Q & A Session, Theater 14 at 9am this morning. See you there.


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