Thursday, March 03, 2005


Last night was First Wednesday for Seacoast/Irmo - gathering at Saluda Shoals for a time of food and worship and vision-casting. Pastor Jeff set a very open and challenging tone for Small Groups first. I hope the emphasis is captured and grabbed onto, you know? I had a couple of guys come to me during the evening to share that they'd be interested in leading groups, being a part of the church. I really appreciate open hearts like that! Then he set the stage for two services: we've outgrown our room, and the dynamic would be gone if we went just about any other direction to fix the situation. It'll be a 60-day experiment, based on the feedback last night and other logistics. I think it'll be a good thing, having a 9am service and a 10:30am service (which one are you coming to?!?) to give folks a chance to serve with children or youth or some other ministry and still be able to attend a service, too.
SHAMELESS PLUG: If you're in the Columbia/Irmo area, and you have nothing better to do Sunday mornings at 9am - join us at Seacoast/Irmo in the Columbia Grande Theaters on Bower Pkwy, off Harbison Blvd in Irmo. The Q & A sessions will be kicking off Sunday March 6th @ 9am in Theater 14, and meet every Sunday from here to whenever. And let me know you're coming - I'll save coffee and donuts for you, and you'll get to relax in the best church seats you've ever experienced (cupholders, for crying out loud!).
I honestly don't think there will be a conflict of interest between the new 9am Q & A stuff and the upcoming 9am service. My thinking right now is that folks will go where they want or where they feel needed. People who have been waiting for a way to plug into a small group will gravitate one way, and folks who've been sorta kinda thinking about serving will gravitate the other way. I haven't seen the numbers, but I hope there's a sizeable portion of Seacoasters who'll take up the challenge, get to church earlier, and go to service and then work with kids, or work with kids and then go to service. It's an experiment, a risk worth taking, to be able to better meet the needs of the community and the 400+ folks coming to the theater every week.


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