Tuesday, March 01, 2005

TTTYNKAM #10 - Reading

There are various lists and things being posted to blogs about getting to know the author. I think I'm going to jump into the fray - but instead of a lengthy one post list, it'll have to be a rambling ten entry series on "top ten things you never knew about me" (tttynkam).

Starting at number ten - I like to read books that will stretch me, will challenge me, that have the risk of possibly ticking me off. I spent alot of time the past fifteen years or so reading non-fiction, mostly Christian-based books that would build my faith or stretch my out a bit. But I've re-discovered good fiction of the last year or so, too - I mean GOOD fiction, not the stuff that normally passes for Christian fiction these days. Many books I read might not have a place on a shelf at the local Christian bookstore, but I sense spiritual themes and such in most of what I read anyway.

Right now, I'm trying to finish a book on leadership before diving into something completely different. Normally I'm in four or five different books at a time, but I've tried to streamline here at the beginning of the year. It's way too busy and I'm starting to get involved in activities again - and I'd like to finish most of the books I start, so that means a little more discipline thanks very much.

Favorite Authors: Brian McLaren, Len Sweet, Douglas Coupland, Erwin McManus, Harper Lee, John Grisham (early stuff)


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