Thursday, February 24, 2005


Sidenote: - Doctors perform tracheotomy on pope - Feb 24, 2005: since I'm posting something on "conversations", I just wanted to write that I really feel sad over his failing health. Whatever differences we may have theologically, he would be someone worth having with you on a deserted island for the rich conversations to be had. I pray he'll recover quickly.
I am at a point in my life, in my Christian walk, where conversations play a huge & important role. That's why I'm hoping that the Sunday morning Q & A sessions at Seacoast/Irmo will be meaningful for those who come and join in the discussion.
SHAMELESS PLUG: If you're in the Columbia/Irmo area, and you have nothing better to do Sunday mornings at 9am - join us at Seacoast/Irmo in the Columbia Grande Theaters on Bower Pkwy, off Harbison Blvd in Irmo. The Q & A sessions will be kicking off Sunday March 3rd @ 9am in Theater 14, and meet every Sunday from here to whenever. And let me know you're coming - I'll save coffee and donuts for you, and you'll get to relax in the best church seats you've ever experienced (cupholders, for crying out loud!).
That first Sunday, the plan right now is to talk about Jesus, about God the Father and the Holy Spirit, and maybe Salvation and Why We're Here In The First Place. That's probably too much for one hour, but it'll lead into the next week's look at Truth and the Bible, and then the third week's conversation on Conversations and Relationships and Evangelism. I want to build a foundation for what we're learning, what we're experiencing, how to look at life through eyes of faith, how to ask better questions in response to the answers we find together.

After that, it will be Easter Sunday and we'll take some time to look at the Resurrection and Kingdom-Living in light of Jesus' absence from the tomb. In April, I'm looking at probably starting a book study of Colossians - more expository, still discussion-based, full of good questions and looking for answers and solutions and better questions together.

It's about the conversation, the give and take, the back and forth, the listening and listening again to each other as we speak and share from our hearts. Lofty goals, maybe - and I'm... really looking forward to relying on God's grace to move through us as it all unfolds. I've got my own anxieties and lack of confidence to overcome, and I hope it comes through as honesty and some semblance of humility in front of others. We'll see, won't we?


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