Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sleepy Day

It's a rainy nasty day today - really a cruddy contrast to yesterday's sunny skies and 76F high temperature. It's 49F right now, might get to 56F, might not. Means that I'll be staying in for lunch today - catching up on some reading at my desk or something.

Had an interesting time with our son last night. Normally, our 7-yr-old goes to bed by 8:30pm on a school night - we pray with her, tuck her in, turn on her lava lamp and her Pooh CD - and she's well asleep by 9pm. Our 9-yr-old goes to bed by 9pm, and we let him read for a few minutes before going in to pray with him, tuck him in and turn his lights off around 9:15pm. Last night, Vicki went upstairs just ready to crash about 10:15pm or so - and he was sitting in our room, watching cartoons, "waiting for you to come up... er... or something". Since we had just finished discussing his homework, and since he was wide awake, he came downstairs to finish up some things for his literacy class.

Trace went back upstairs by about 10:30pm, supposedly to bed to go to sleep. This morning, we discovered that he had not gone to sleep, that he'd been reading a Calvin & Hobbes collection that he then hid under his pillow, and that we had no idea how long this little booger had stayed awake last night.

It's coming around, isn't it? I'm a night owl, staying up way too late doing nothing most nights, and Vicki's a reader who'll forsake sleep to finish a good book any time she can swing it. He gets it honest - so there's no real "punishment", except that I might start him on the going-to-go-to-sleep-eventually journey around 8pm tonight. And I'm praying that he doesn't fall asleep during lunch or indoor recess or something.

Keep this up, and he'll be a coffee-drinker before getting to high school.


Blogger Nakia said...

I'm totally that person. When I was a kid my bed was by the window and I would try to read by the moonlight so my parents wouldn't catch me... now I wear glasses and they (being my parents) blame it on that... *sigh*

Never did break the habit - still stay up until all hours reading. Books are GREAT!

24/2/05 11:46 AM  

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