Thursday, March 03, 2005


When a baby is born, she is wrapped tightly. After being confined in such a small space like a womb, even while growing and growing and getting bigger and bigger, there is an adjustment to be made. The confinement in the womb turns into the wide, open spaces of the outside world, and the tight wrapping of swaddling clothes gives some comfort and peace to the newborn baby.

When the baby is unwrapped, it feels like the whole world is out there, like you're freefalling because there's no longer any confinement, no longer the mother's heartbeat in your ear. No longer the cramps and feeling your knees in your chin, but also no security and no safety because the rest of the world is so much larger than that itty bitty living space.

I'm the unwrapped baby right now. The possiblities are gi-normous, and the feeling of weightlessness and falling are one & the same. Maybe that's real freedom.


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