Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Just A Bit Off

I feel a bit off today - a little achey, probably from the lack of sleep and relative lack of caffeine. We're also an hour ahead of home, and that's throwing me just a little - I don't expect much lag from it when we get back tomorrow night. I've got plenty to do, both here and back at the office, so there's no real down time to fill. I do hope I fall asleep a bit quicker tonight than last night. I just had a wonderful lunch and I'll be alright for the afternoon, but I still feel like a nap would be good. Don't know if I want to go out tonight for dinner or not, needing to pack for the trip home tomorrow.

My reading and the subsequent thoughts driven by my books lately also have me feeling a bit off, but I don't know that it's a bad thing necessarily. Argumentatively, I could've been "off" before, and this readjustment is getting me better centered rather than knocking me off course. That's the hope I hold onto in the midst of change and growth. I just got off IM with someone who's in the midst of deep conversations, too - looking for answers and refuting those who "know it all and are always right". I can appreciate when someone's willing to ask the tough questions, to challenge her own faith to be more real, more solid, more meaningful, more fruitful. What might feel "just a bit off" is what's so needed to make things right with humility and purpose.

Ahh - good time of the afternoon here, where a capuccino can fix just about anything.


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