Thursday, March 17, 2005

Heading Home

We fly out this afternoon for the return trip to CAE. Wish us the best: there's bad weather north of Charlotte, sleet and snow and stuff there, while it's sunny and 81F here right now in San Juan. I've got a photo from my balcony this morning, and I'll put it together with a snapshot of falling wintery precipitation if I see any before I get home - "here's morning, here's evening". I'm looking forward to seeing the kids, sleeping in my own bed, being with my sweetie again.

Tomorrow night is movie night, celebrating the release of The Incredibles on DVD. I'll be going home, once again showing that superhero dads are really cool, always come home, and neverforget how to wrestle their kids without hurting them too bad.


Anonymous Julie said...

I finally watched that movie for the first time last night. The kids have been telling me it was the most awesome movie of the year! even my teens loved it!

17/3/05 11:32 AM  

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