Monday, February 07, 2005

The Finger

"You rack your brain to solve the mystery of the Savior, but you would do better to examine the puzzle of your own heart. You should be wondering why you are so impenetrable: why your intentions, which are always so noble, are followed by so few good deeds; why, despite your pious impulses, your life is so lacking in genuine devotion; why, when it comes to really getting things done, you turn out to be so feeble, so lame. You are always sighing, it is true, but to what effect?"

Source: C. F. Blumhardt, "Die, and Jesus Will Live" (1891)
[from Daily Dig]
Ultimately, the only person at whom I can point a finger is myself. Whether it's a morning argument with my kids, or getting offended by a sermon that hits to close to home, or taking criticism whether it's warranted or not, the finger points back at me. "What are YOU going to do with this?" - whether I like it or not, I'm the only person I control enough to change. I can't change anyone else, but in God's grace I can make great growing strides towards some kind of maturity.

I'll stop whining now, if you don't mind.


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